83. Mini Crepe with Shrimp - Banh Khot

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83. Mini Crepe with Shrimp - Banh Khot

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Rice flour, shrimp, coconut cream, mung beans, bean sprouts, cilantro, mustard greens,  garlic powder, carrots,  basil with Saigon Grill's sauce

Banh khot are mini-sized rice crepe that are carefully fried and served with fresh mustard leaves and herbs, as well as Nuoc Cham sauce for dipping. It’s a delicious dish you can't miss!. Both Khot Mini Crepe  are eaten using a similar technique of wrapping the Mini Crepe in greens before eating.

The technique is simple: you take a piece of Mini Crepe/banh khot and put it on a bed of lettuce or mustard greens and mints,  and then roll it all up and dip into Nuoc Cham sauce.  it is enjoyable for everyone to build the roll that makes them happy.